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The Radiant Lotus ~


The clouds veiled a somnambulating tornado in the twilight sky
the resonant petals of ancient  suns merge the dreams of beings
fused on the golden horizon ~ strange fragrances erupted from
fairy tale mountains with wings and miracle flora and fauna

The dimensions were infinite All over: every wave of the ocean
beatifically burdened with infinite envelop of all oceans in all
cosmoses  singing the  glory of the unborn dreams of infinite bliss  ~
Beyond  imaginations the ancient Temples of Flame-light  stood
majestic in seamless universes of absolute perfections in each and all  

The unborn delights the joy of eternal dharma cast its divine notes on
each rhythm of breeze and each cadence of the winds mounting all to
soak in infinite bliss in infinite spaces and eternities configurating
hidden mantram-s and subtle silences for the blessed beings of immortality ~ 

On the radiant lotus a  shadowless flame pulsated in divine joy marking
the pathless path to the land of Infinite Buddha-s: where all was
unborn ! 

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