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Maha Purusha Virat Narayana ~

Solitary sages sought the hidden flame in the boughs of infinity
solitary paths led them to the cosmoses of sanctified satchidaananda 
the Virat  was hidden.from all visions: but yet the truly powerful ones 
sought him everywhere truly mesmerized by his glorious presence.

The golden castle on the other side of the river beckoned them
Yet the journey was replete with dangerous landscapes fluttering
in fierce wings of sanctified fire inflaming all into new ways of light ~
 a solitary dove fearlessly led them as the Virat’s immortal messenger.  

The journey was never ending through mysterious shelters of fragrance
through tapestries of luminous dreams, encountering luminous meta-beings
encountering divine flora and fauna in precious spaces of spectral suns ~
paradises were infinite moments of infinite references infinite moments
of no reference in seamless cosmoses cascading endless bliss for each and all 

the Virat gloriously hidden to reveal his secret face, his mysterious words
on the eternal rapture dawns of the fiery Apocalypse of infinite silences

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