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Last updated: 10/03/2008 10:27 AM
Mahaa Kaala Bhairava

The winter worlds spasmodically dissolved in light

the seamless music of wandering angels from unborn

paradises made resonant harmonics in silent melodies ~

the mystery of the ruby sky fluttering in unborn paradises

burst forth, as rainbow lotuses  breezing in fragrant pools ~

countless swans cranes parrots arrayed in beatific lightness


Time ceased: eternal immortality divinely settled in infinity ~

the solitary butterfly traversed on and on in fragrant bliss

seeking hidden flowers in ever new-born ecstatic cosmoses

the moment never began here ~ all the children playing

wonder dances of Shiva’s triumph ~~ the space where

Kaala Bhairava presents himself as Mritunjaya Sadaa Shiva~


The immortal sages arrived  silently intonated perfect mantram-s ~

The deathless cosmoses burst forth from Rudra’s  fire eyes

Like oceans of cool light fragrant flames in infinite sentience ~


“All for All”  each  being re-cognized in pre-primal sanctity

the ancient Apocalypse manifests every perfect universe

In infinite random abandon ~ Choicless in infinite beatitudes

all submitted to Sadaa Shiva  in infinite never ending bliss  





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