Aum Infinite Cosmoses

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Last updated: 10/03/2008 10:26 AM
The Aboriginal Eloquence ~


The aboriginal eloquence of flaming light cast
its vast resonances all over the seamless cosmoses

recovering the unborn paradises from the infinite 
primigenial dreams of the deity that spreads its
immortal desires on every grain and grass on every way
on every spot of light on every subtle discourse in silences ~
the Bodhisattvas envisaged and elaborated the Maitreya’s
infinite scriptures in infinite pre-primal tongues of fire and
ecstatic rhythms of inflaming universes adumbrating rainbow
scents floral lights innumerable meta cosmic universes conjoined in

miracle metamorphosis seeking the infinite beauty of all
in every infinitesimal moment of sacred consciousness  

growing ever growing in rapture of incredible perfections ~


the divine will is inscribed everywhere: nothing can alter its
impeccable destinations to paradises of  unimagined sanctity ~


from the infinite residual muck of the infinite universes of
infinite possibilities the deity discovers the sublimated aananda

free from all error sin and abominations and endless perditions ~

the supreme creator of all reabsorbs the infinite burdens of infinite

terrible creations: the hells turn into wonder heavens, freed for ever
the luminous beings of luminous infinitudes in beatific magic

blaze in ever growing light recognizing pre-primal immortalities    


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