Aum Infinite Cosmoses

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Last updated: 10/01/2008 03:41 AM
Infinite Blazing Cosmoses ~

The mountains flowered in new ecstasy, a spasm
of light in fragrant spaces of luminous colours ~

a million  rainbows  arched in mizmaze architectures 
moulding the beatific resonant towers of the last babel

in seamless dimensions transcending, itself  as effulgent 

paradises burst open blooming in tender light echoing
a cadent music reverberating through the innumerable

cosmoses of flames dancing in hidden rhythms of fire ~


Effervescence of innumerable beatific angels efflorescent
as hidden gardens reveal the unborn topographies of musical
universes flying sentient in infinite churning: eternally the subtle
soul mantram-s spread divine affirmations of ancient gratitude 
confirm the purification of the cosmoses to settle safe and perfect
in the final onslaught of  delight awaiting at the door of immortality


All turned into divine light in limitless ecstasy embraced all ~

a sun beam casts a universe into the dewdrops on the lotus petals

infinite blazing cosmoses flared in cool light fluttered ether wings ~

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