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Raga Behag an ancient Raaga Is treated with great and subtle care In Hindusthani Music. It was adapted into Karnatik music by Maharajaha Swati Tirunal. In Karnatik music generally it is dealt with as minor Ragam. I encountered Pandit Ravi Shankar's Behag  Long ago: a record I heard again and again. I heard veteran Pandit Ram Chatur Mullick Of ThHe Darbhanga Gharana doing an amazing Dhruoad which was my real initiation into Dhrupad Way too. I heard other masters too  Pandit Mallikarjun Mansur and Pandit Kumar Gandharva, Pandit Shiva Putra,  Pandit Bahaudin Dagar on the Rudra Veena etc.. Well,this day the divine Behag yielded to me appeasment i surmise. My gratitude to all my ilustrious Guru-s who taught me nuances beyond definitions. My Perseverence is to penetrate into the micro details of a Ragam as a seamless experience of Union of with the Ragam itself which we will assume is more than the notes that constitute it.Every swara and silence in a divine syncretic holistic way is the rAgam!
It may be of ancedotal amusement that i sing this raga alone for the first time in my life elaborately!

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