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Last updated: 05/13/2007 03:44 PM
Himalayas Old ~1

These are photos taken on slides in !987 and converted to digital! They have aged so to say. But i hope they represent a certain feel

Gallery Elements
H~0~ 1#1 Devi Paarvati's Divine Seamless Eternal Megha_Sandesham ( Probably on the Ancient Ageless Himalayan Meta-Path To KedarNath ~~ )
H~0~ 1#2 Meta-Detail Valley Of Flowers ~ Let Botanical Pundits Scan ( For Ever ) Figure out the Noumenclature of Eternity in Infinite Unique Meta-Nano Universes Subtly Hidden ~ Tentatively ~ For All For Ever All Over
H~0~ 1#3 Most Probably It Is Mandakini flowing down from Ancient Ageless Eternal KedarNath ~ Aum Shambho Mahaa Devaaya ! Aum Hara Hara Mahaa Kaala Bhairavaaya KedarNathaaya ~

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