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Hindusthani Kafi[Kaafi] ~

"Hindusthani Kafi[Kaafi]" is a Karnaatik  Raagam adopted  from Hindusthani paddhathi rather recently. An alternate Raagam "(Karnaatik) Kaafi was already existant . This Raaga in its present form is closest to Hindusthani Raag Piloo.  

Hindusthani Kafi[Kaafi] has come to be known as just "Kaafi" in Karnaatik tradition. Generally this Raagam is not treated elaborately  but as a thukkada[minor] Raagam to close the concert. "Piloo" also is a Raag generally used for Thumri-s at the end of a concert. So an elaborate Kaafi is rarely done. The celebrated Flautist Sri TR Mahalingam was specially fond of this Raagam and would relish elaborating it. I am indebted to him deeply for having revealed the various hidden recesses of this beautiful Raagam.    

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Hindusthani Kafi [Kaafi] ~ 1
Hindusthani Kafi [Kaafi] ~ 2 [ contd.]
Hindusthani Kafi [Kaafi] ~ 3 [ contd.] ~ (Dhrupad baani}

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