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Last updated: 12/14/2008 01:34 AM
Desh ~

Desh is a very traditional Hindusthani Raag probably derived from deshi [ indigenous-folk ] traditions. This has been adopted into karnaatik music as Desh too.  The famous KL Saigal song "dukh ke ab din beetat naahe" is in Raag Desh.  I had the grat fortune of listening to the delightful rendering of Desh by Smt. N Rajam on the violin more than once and I had managed to record a remarkable Desh elaborately rendered in Dhrupad style by the illustrious Master Bhavaani Shankar Majumdar and listened to it many times. I am singing Desh after long. The recordings are in three parts. Due to divine intervention the recording got automatically stopped twice. 

I have rendered it in a Karnatik-Dhrupad fusion but tending more to the Dhrupad v(b)aani.

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Desh ~ 1
Desh ~ 2 [ contd. ]
Desh ~ 3 [ Contd. ]

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