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Last updated: 12/04/2008 10:30 PM
Bhairavi { Hindusthani } / Sindhu Bhairavi [Karnaatik]

Bhairavi was a very well known Hindusthani Raag that was adopted into Karnaatik Paddhathi as Sindhu Bhairavi [ Bhairavi from the Sindhu Region ] since another famous Bhairavi  Raagam already existed in Karnaatik Elucidations. Simplifying an elaborate meta tale of stylistic evolution . Sindhu bhairavi became endowed with repose, Bhavam  and certain stylistic peculiarities which were not existant in the Hindusthani rendering of the equivalent Bhairavi Raag.

So some Hindusthani musicians have re-adopted the Karnaatik Sindhu Bhairavi as a new Raag. 

Here I don't make that distinction since the essential bhaava is same. Here I render Sindhubhairavi which is also Hindusthani Bhairavi.

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Bhairavi [Hindustani Paddhathi ] / Sindhu Bhairavi [ Karnaatik Paddhathi ]

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