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Ahimsa ~ Divine Vegetarianism ~ A Letter to friends ~

This  is  my  humble request to all my friends . I  wonder  why  I did not  write this letter twenty years earlier. Better late than never. I request you all to stop eating animals or more  formally "kindly eschew all non-vegetarian food". The animals live in  the Divine-Word of GOD. They know our scriptures far better than we do. We have to respect them, worship them.

Ahimsa. Thou shall not kill. Should I say more?

Let us carry on our fast till the Apocalypse,till the Kingdoms of Light are established here. Yes, Right Here on this sordid Earth. God, let this be my humble prayer.

I am reminded of an episode from the life of Sant Gyaneshwar from Maharashtra.  Gyaneshwar living in the Light of GOD  was  beyond cast  and creed. The Brahamin priests erudite in the  scriptures went  to question and test him. In the course of their  conversa tions,  Gyaneshwar  said that the buffalo standing   around  them knew the scriptures as well. The Brahamins laughed and sneered at him. "Idiot don't tell lies Prove." they said  exactly like  the scientists of today would tell a modern-day Gyaneshwar. The  very young Gyaneshwar went near the buffalo and prayed to the  buffalo to recite the scriptures. Of course in the perfect hoarse  harmonies  of a buffalo's voice the divine buffalo recited the Vedas. The rest of the story is superfluous. But this is nothing new. For instance,the profound "Shiva Kavacha Mantram"  was originally perceived by Yogi Rishabha  (The  Bull).

King Solomon, Christ,The Buddha and many unknown  others had  the revelations  of the language of the birds and animals  {Ref:  Respective Scriptures},that is if they didn't already know  it. The animals  live in the Light of GOD. The birds are angels  in  disguise. Man is the fallen one. But the Fall is a Terrible Blessing as  it would be Revealed to all one day. That Day could  even  be today. Every prayer is heard. Not one goes unheeded. The  follow­ing parable from the Islamic tradition would proabably elucidate what I am humbly attempting to intonate.

Allaha  the One without a second made the  Universes, the plants, the animals, the angels, the demiurges, the satanic creatures, the mountains, the rivers, the suns, the stars-- and what not.  Then He  asked each of the Beings and Things He had Created "I have  a terrible burden on me. Can any one of you bear a little of it  for me?" All the Beings and Things dogs, bulls, angels, elephants, parameciums, dinoasurs, mountains, stars, demiurges--------and  others  instantly refused to do so. Then Allaha Made Man in his own  image. Man  foolish fallen and divinely chosen agreed to bear Allaha's eternal  Amanaha. Hence we are here suffering on this sad earth awaiting the Final Revelations for ever. La illha il Allaha.

But  the fall is a Divine Grace. 'Felix Peccatum  Adae' [fortunate sin of Adam] as Saint Augustine succinctly worded it.

Personally  it  has  become (actually it  always  was)  extremely difficult  for me to tolerate the smell  of  all  non-vegetarian food. As a part of a personal vow and a primal prayer I am forced to  (pardon me) avoid visiting all places where slaughtered  ani­mals are used as food. I humbly request you not to  misunderstand me.

Your  children used to meat foods may be reluctant in the  begin­ning  to listen to you. Please tell them a divine lie  that  God told  you  as  a voice in your dream to tell  everybody  to  stop killing  and eating animals. Make it as realistic and  elucidate. Also,  wheedle  them with a lot of choclates, halwas,  mangoes  and other delicacies to show them what you mean. If they don't under­stand  still, like a ritual show them actual slaughter of animals as regularly as possible. I am sure they will listen.

Please try.Also, please avoid hard liquor and gambling. There is a lot more I can say on all this. But I think it is the occasion that  creates the  word.

“In the Beginning there was the word and the  word  was with God and the word was God.”  In the End as well!?

 I  will  close  this letter of request with a  parable  from  the Buddha's words. ( I take the liberty to redraft the parable ) 

 "So sacred so difficult it is to obtain a 'human form,' Ananda" the distantly voiced Buddha continued,"Imagine an ocean as big as you want it to be. Imagine a little fish about as big as your  thumb. This  fish  swims in the infinite waters. Then,  Ananda,  imagine that there is somewhere else anywhere else floating in this ocean a  little ring about the circumference of the fishe's  head.  The probability of a human birth is as rare as the head of this  fish in  its labyrinth journey through the never ending ocean  of  the infinite  entering this ring." Then the silent Buddha shed a  few drops of his sacred tears.

"Know  ye not this parable? And how then will ye know all  parables" _ Mark -iv- 13

Who hath ears to hear let him hear and let the message spread.

yours affectionately

yours humbly

Final Note :-

There are a few obvious responses possible.

First and the foremost the majority response of the  animal-flesh greedy satanic guys . " Who are you "luni-vegi" to tell us what we should eat? We will eat All the animals of the evolutionary ladder including lizards, dogs, donkeys, pigs, worms (including 'tape','hooke' etc,), homosapiens,  dragons  ad  absurdum ad infinitum.  For  writing  this letter  we could roast and eat you too. Being a vegi you  should taste good, 'reel' good on our animal-fat-loving tongues."

I earnestly hope that there would be a feeble minority of animal-eaters who may listen and even perhaps eschew all  non-vegetarian food  for  ever and even encourage others to do so. Even  if  one individual  listens and changes his\her satanic eating  habits  I would consider myself blessed.

If  you  are  already a vegetarian I request you  to  spread  the message.


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