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Last updated: 07/02/2007 10:51 PM
Narayanan's Special Salad Dressings ~

I read that it is a great challenge to create new salad dressings ~ So I pondered and came out with these wonder Indian Dressings ~ Salads and Dressings are not Indian but western mostly used as an accompaniment to meat diet. Most Indians find salads insipid for their tongue: as my father used to say they have no ruchi(taste). I hope these special dressings will inspire Indians to work out with their salads and dressings. I explained and discussed with my mother these and she said they will be good ! I had promised my British friend Amanda that I will send her these receipes. So these are specially dedicated to her.       

1) The Great Aryan Wonder ~
2) Wonder Dravidian Thunder ~
3) Valluvanaadan Special Wonder ~