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Last updated: 01/13/2008 08:06 PM
The Worlds Of Raitha ~**

Raitha [ "kichadi" in south india ] is the simplest dish one can conjure in the Indian cuisine system. It is quick to make, well-known, healthy and traditional too. It hardly involves cooking  Even Children can be taught to make a good Raitha. Raitha is a good accompaniment to Rice and Dal or Curry / Chappathy/ Poori /Paratha  Dal and Curry It mixes raw vegetables [ Tomatoes, cucumber carrot, capsicum, onion (raw and cut small or grated ) ] mixed with good quality curds, salt and spiced gently. The Second variety involves boiling the vegetables [ potatoes, cabbage, peas, cauliflower (squashed or cut small)  ] and adding the curds, salt and spices. The third variety involves frying the concerned vegetables [ generally lady's finger and bitter gourd  ~ but even cabbage, cauliflower and peas may be fried and used ]  and mixing them  with curd, salt and spices. We will deal with them in three sections. Before, we close we deal with Sweet Raitha possibilities. Lastly, we also have the wonderful Boondi Raitha which is a nonvegetable Raitha !

1) Tomatoe/Cucumber Raitha-(s)~**
2) Onion/Saffola Raitha-(s)**
3) Capsicum Raitha-(s)~**
4) Carrot Raitha-(s)**
5) Potato Raitha-(s)**
6) Special Chempu Raitha-(s)**
7) Sweet Potatoe Raitha-(s)**
8) Cabbage/ Cauliflower/ Green Peas Raitha-(s)**
9) Beetroot Raitha-(s)**
10) Bittergourd Raitha-(s)**
11) Lady's finger Raitha-(s) ~**
12) Special Sprouted Daal/Chana Raitha ~ The many possibilities ~ **
13) Boondi Raitha(s)
14) Sweet Raitha(s)
15) Various Mixed Raitha-(s) ~ The Countless Possibilities